Finn Balor Set To Take Considerable Time Off From WWE

After losing the Intercontinental Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura at Extreme Rules on Sunday, Finn Balor is set to take "a little bit of time away from WWE," according to a report from Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet.

The report says that Balor requested two months off, and that his hiatus will begin in August. Details are vague regarding Balor's desire to take a break from wrestling, but a source said he prefers  to "recharge."

Finally, Satin also said that Balor's time away from the ring will "likely" take place after the Aug. 11 SummerSlam pay-per-view in Toronto, Ontario. The next major pay-per-view after SummerSlam is Survivor Series on Nov. 24, so taking taking a hiatus in mid-August would work well timewise for Balor.

It's not uncommon for WWE superstars to simply take a little bit of time away from the ring - whether it's an injury, personal reasons, to film a movie/television show or to just take a much-needed rest.

Sasha Banks has been away from WWE for three months, having last competed at WrestleMania 35. However, she remains in contact with WWE, and she'll be returning to the company any day now.

Bray Wyatt also took several months off and only returned in April, where he began the Firefly Fun House storyline and character. It was suggested that Wyatt was given time off because WWE creative had nothing planned for him.

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After considerable planning, they finally pieced together something that worked for the former WWE Champion. Perhaps they'll be looking to do something different with Balor during his hiatus.

And of course, Wyatt appeared in the ring on Monday Night Raw and caught Balor by surprise, attacking the former Intercontinental Champion before putting him away with the Sister Abigail finisher. Perhaps Balor will make another epic return like Wyatt did when he eventually returns from his hiatus.

What This Means

Some time away from the ring might be best for Balor, as it gives him much-needed rest plus ample time for WWE creative to think of something new. Balor hasn't received much of a push since he had to relinquish the Universal Championship due to injury three years ago. Hopefully, WWE will plan something big for Balor during his time away, because he's more than deserving of another major push here.

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