Former Cleveland Assistant Coach Jim Boylan Sues Cavaliers For Age Discrimination

Former Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Jim Boylan is apparently suing the team for what he believes is age discrimination.

Boylan served in the post from 2013 to 2018 but did not have his contract renewed after last season.

According to wkyc3, the 63-year-old has filed a lawsuit in Cuyahoga County less than a week after Tyronn Lue was let go by the Cavs.



Per court documents, Boylan claims that he was informed of his termination by Lue in June, with the former head coach claiming that the decision came from general manager Koby Altman and team owner Dan Gilbert.

Altman, Gilbert, Cavaliers Holdings, LLC and Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC are all listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

The filing claims: "On or about June 17, 2018, then Cavaliers Head Coach Tyronn Lue left Coach Boylan a voicemail, informing him his employment would end, in which Coach Lue said: “Jimbo, what’s up, yo? This is T Lue. I had a talk with Koby yesterday. He does not want to pick up your option. He said it’s way too much money. They’re not gonna pay that kind of money for three assistants on the bench. He wants to go younger in that position and, you know, find somebody who’s a grinder and younger in that position. And he said he does not want to pick the option up for I guess it’s 500 or - I’m not sure."

Cavs counsel Jason Hillman has responded to the allegations, branding Boylan's claim baseless and outrageous in a statement.

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"The outrageousness of Mr. Boylan’s claim of ‘age discrimination’ due to the Cavaliers not exercising an option in a contract both parties signed cannot be overstated," he wrote.

"The only fact that exceeds the egregiousness of Mr. Boylan’s claim that he is owed any further compensation from the Cavaliers is the extortion attempts by Christopher Thorman demanding $6.174 million dollars when, had the one-year option been exercised for the 2018-2019 season, Mr. Boylan would have been paid $500,000 for his services. Mr. Thorman, as well as his law firm Thorman Petrov Group, has a pattern and practice of deploying these types of strategies.

"This frivolous lawsuit is simply an opportunistically-timed effort at a shameless cash grab. The team will seek immediate dismissal of this disappointing, unwarranted and baseless claim."

The Cavaliers are 1-7 to start the new season and things have been all downhill since they lost LeBron James through free agency in the summer.

Lue was fired after a 0-6 start, most of the players aren't happy about it, the team's experienced stars are disgruntled after having their roles reduced, and their best scorer Kevin Love is out with an injury.

The only good news coming out of Cleveland, for the time being, is their being named the hosts of the 2022 All-Star Game this week.


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