Former Tag Partner Confirms Brutus Beefcake's Hall of Fame Nod "Just a Rumor"

During an exclusive interview with Greg the Hammer Valentine, he revealed Brutus Beefcake's inclusion into the WWE Hall of Fame was only a rumor.

I took some time on the latest episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast to chat with Valentine about his role in the soon-to-be-released documentary 350 Days, a film about the behind-the-scenes goings-on in the wrestling industry. Proud of how the film turned out, we also had a chance to chat a bit about the current wrestling product, how WWE promotes their company and specifically the WWE Hall of Fame, which this year will include a former tag team partner of his, Honky Tonk Man.

Valentine said of Honky Tonk Man, "I'm happy for him, he certainly deserves to go in. He drew money." Valentine then asked who else was going in and when I listed the other names, I brought up the fact that still rumored to be included was another former tag partner of his, Brutus Beefcake.

Valentine was quick to shut that down.

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He said, "The Beefcake thing, is just a rumor." I asked what he'd heard or knew about that whole situation and he said, "I keep hearing that he's going in and then, it's all freakin' rumor. It's not official."

I then asked if he thought Beefcake should be included in the conversation of names to go in, he said, "Absolutely and I think they should have me induct him. Give me a freakin' payday."

What This Means

Is it possible Beefcake still gets the nod this year? Yes, but it isn't likely. Valentine did say that WWE likes to do everything last minute and keep it all a secret, so there could be a change. That said, it sounds a lot like he knows Beefcake is not on the card this year and he could be one of those names we look back at often and wonder, 'Why isn't Beefcake in the Hall of Fame yet?'

As a close friend of Beefcake since they've both moved on from WWE, it stands to reason Valentine would know if his friend is going in or not. There's one more week before fans know for sure.

The entire interview on the podcast will be live Thursday and among the topics Valentine discussed, he mentioned WrestleMania being way too long, had some thoughts on women's wrestling, how WWE pushes a brand name and not their superstars any longer and what it was like in the 80's to travel up and down the road so much.

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