Former UFC Star Says WWE Offered Him $5 Million, CM Punk Responds

ESPN's Greg Rosenstein noted on Twitter that former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen claimed WWE tried to scoop him with a huge offer back in 2012. Of all people to respond to the claims, former WWE star CM Punk decided to give his two cents.

Sonnen claimed WWE reached out to him, right before his second loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in July of that year. Their hope was that they could convince Sonnen to skip the weigh-ins, and then the fight and show up in WWE. When that wasn't agreed to, Sonnen says another offer was made later - show up for the fight, beat Anderson to capture the UFC Middleweight Title, then show up on RAW with the title. if he was able to get the win, and appear on WWE programming with the title, they would throw him $5 million.

How much truth there is to this story is unclear since it's merely Sonnen saying it happened, but it's caught the attention of a few people. Interestingly, former WWE star (who was once good friends with Sonnen) and a wrestler at that time all of this was speculated to have happened, CM Punk weighed in.

Punk took to Twitter and wrote, "It was me. It was me all along. Lol."

What This Means

Seven years later, this is an interesting story to finally surface. Sonnen says he didn't even tell Dana White about the offer because he knew he wasn't going to take it and he didn't want White to feel pressure to match the money, but it would have been fun to see what White's response would have been at the time.

Like WCW did to WWE when Alundra Blaze showed up on Nitro and trashed the Women's Title, White might have seen this as a pretty low blow by WWE.

Or, who knows, he might have seen it as good cross promotion.

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