Former WWE Star Rips Goldberg For SummerSlam Showing

Former WWE star Jack Swagger was not happy with Goldberg's showing against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam on Sunday.

Goldberg returned to the ring in Goldberg fashion, exorcising the demons borne of his failure in the shambolic performance at the Super ShowDown earlier this year with a quick win over Ziggler.

The match lasted around two minutes, with the veteran putting it to bed with a spear and a subsequent jackhammer after his opponent tried stealing the advantage by attacking early.

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Swagger, who was presumably part of the show's viewership, went on a Twitter rant after watching Goldberg's short dance, lashing out at the former WCW superstar.

The Bellator star would also respond to several fan comments, claiming Goldberg wouldn't be able to touch him in an MMA setting.

While he certainly seemed like he was being a bit salty - Goldberg did make $600,000 off his two-minute performance - Swagger denied being mad over it.

Goldberg would respond to Swagger later on, urging him to take it easy.

Swagger says he would rather watch Ziggler go for three minutes and suggested that the wrong man left the fight $600,000 richer.

Meanwhile, it is unknown if Goldberg will still be around after competing on Sunday night. It has been reported that WWE will have him on a retainer - so to speak - so he can come back once or twice a year for a grudge match.

While Goldberg's match was pretty short, fans quite enjoy watching the legend administer spears, no matter how much time it takes off a match. It was especially good when he did it to Brock Lesnar a few years ago and, while not as good when it's Ziggler involved, it was still a classic moment.

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