Former WWE Superstar Says He's "F--king Done" Wrestling

During a segment on his podcast, Sean Waltman just sort of blurted out that he's done being an in-ring performer. He's not wrestling any longer.

For some wrestlers, their retirement matches are built up and promoted as a big deal. For Sean Waltman, he may still get that retirement match one day but if not, he doesn't seem to be too bothered.

While hosting his X-PAC 1-2-360 show this week, Waltman revealed that he's pretty much-done wrestling. He'll be at the Reunion show for WWE this Monday and he might even hop in the ring but as a regular wrestler, he's finished.  Saying he was satisfied with his final match being the six-man tag team match he had at the Wrestlecon SuperShow during WrestleMania weekend, that's a decent swan song for him and he's comfortable leaving his wrestling career over after teaming with Gregory "Hurricane" Helms and Jushin Thunder Liger.

Waltman said, "By the way, I'm f--king done wrestling. Oh, I'm done, yeah. I'm not saying I'm never going to have another match, but I mean... Yeah, I decided." He went on to elaborate, "The WrestleMania weekend show, myself, and Hurricane, and Liger - the six-man. That was it. I'm done."

What This Means

Waltman isn't saying he'll never wrestle again. He's open to the idea of showing up for a one-off match and he's certainly clear his schedule if he was ever asked to compete at WrestleMania again, but as far a getting booked to compete often, he's hung up his boots in that respect. If he had a choice, Waltman said he'd like to wrestle one more time at an NXT TakeOver special.

Saying an NXT Takeover match would mean more to him he might like to team with Matt Riddle or be in a match that would help hide what weaknesses might show through in a singles match.

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