Fox Negotiating With WWE To Get NXT On Television

Fox wants to have NXT on television and are negotiating to get the show on their channel, with SmackDown to begin airing from their network later this year.

That is according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, who revealed that the broadcaster held a meeting with station affiliates on Wednesday in which various aspects of WWE's move to the network were discussed.

“Fox had a meeting with its affiliates this afternoon and they talked a bunch about WWE,” Meltzer reported, per Sescoops.com.

One of the subjects touched on was the possibility of having NXT on TV.

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via theringreport.com

“There are negotiations to get NXT on (TV),” he added. The journalist claimed that the network wants NXT on FS1 and not on Fox, but things are still at the discussion stage and nothing is close to being set.

Meltzer says that Fox wants WWE programming to be promoted as a "legitimate sport" and not entertainment, as has been the norm from its inception. “(Fox) wants everyone, all the stations, to promote WWE as legitimate sport; sport, not entertainment,” he said.

WWE first episode of SmackDown on Fox will be a special 20th Anniversary show and the debut is scheduled for October 4 this year at the Staples Center.

According to Meltzer, the network is planning to have wrestlers promote the show in the same manner the promotion of the Lex Express was carried out in the 90s.

"They are doing something where I guess they are doing the Lex Express modernized,” he revealed. “Wrestlers will be in a moving truck going to different cities, big, small, and intermediate markets to promote starting on Fox in October.”

Well, it goes without saying, there isn't a fan around who wouldn't want NXT to make it to TV. The show is only available for viewing via the WWE Network at the moment but bringing it to TV would present it to a much wider audience. Make this happen, Fox.

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