Gallows and Anderson Reportedly Pulled From All WWE Live Events

An updated report by PW Insider suggests The Good Brothers, Gallows and Anderson's contract talks with WWE are stalled and the duo has been pulled from all live events.

In what seems to be a dramatic story that just won't go away, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are one day happy in WWE and the next ready to leave. The latest report is that contract negotiations have come to a complete standstill and as a result, the duo has been taken off the road and will likely be finding their way to the WWE exit door.

This news comes just prior to former running buddy AJ Styles announcing that he's signed a contract extension with WWE.

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As per a separate the Insider, the former Raw Tag champs decided to turn down a multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts because they aren’t satisfied working house shows with occasional mid-card television angles. That report seemed to be refuted by Anderson himself who put his seven-year-old son on social media and had his say, "My dad says, don't believe everything you read." This suggested the rumors of The Good Brothers departing was false.

This updated report seems to suggest that Anderson was either too optimistic or people just don't have all the details and there is more to this story than anyone, including PW Insider, seems to know.

What This Means

That said, if things are different than when Anderson posted his social media rumor shootdown post and WWE and the tag team is at a standstill, it is expected some old employers like New Japan or close friends like the Young Bucks might call for the duo to join All Elite Wrestling.

So too, if the report is true, this could just be a tactic by WWE to get Anderson and Gallows to sign at numbers that work for the company. They have not worked a WWE live event since February 25th and it's uncertain if the looming new contracts, or lack thereof, are the reason why.

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