[Rumor] Gallows and Anderson Turn Down Huge Deals, Set to Leave WWE

It appears despite comments they would sign long-term deals with WWE, a new report is suggesting Gallows and Anderson have declined WWE extensions. Speculation is they are set to leave the company as soon as their current contracts expire.

Back in January, both Gallows and Anderson had no desire to leave WWE. Anderson said during an appearance on Notsam Wrestling, "I asked the head of talent relations...I might just sign a lifetime contract, and Gallows said he'd like to sign legends deal now." The Gallows comment was obviously a jab and his good buddy but the truth at that time was, Anderson was more than willing to commit to WWE for life if that was possible.

Now in March, a report via PWInsider is that The Good Brothers are now planning on leaving WWE when their current contracts run out in what is believed to be September of 2019.

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The scribe is suggesting that Gallows and Anderson have reportedly turned down multi-million dollar contracts from WWE and because negotiations have not gone well, not only are the two not being used on television, they've been pulled from live events. Clearly, it now appears the duo is looking to leave WWE because they aren't satisfied with how they have been used and AEW seems like an obvious fit.

What This Means

WWE is really missing the mark with these two and hasn't used them properly since they came over from Japan. That they've not been booked properly since day one and still wanted to stay with WWE, that they're now ready to leave suggests WWE has really offended them in some way.

From WWE, maybe they just don't care. It seems odd to offer multi-million dollar deals to two guys you don't want to use and who you gave a show to like "Botch Club" and then canceled after the premiere episode.

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