Game 1 Was Another Example Of The Red Sox's Offense Dominating Opposing Teams

The Boston Red Sox have dominated opposing teams with their explosive offense all season long, and last night against the Los Angeles Dodgers was another example of that.

The Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in game one of the World Series by a score of eight to four. Their offense wasted no time by scoring two quick runs in the first inning off of Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw.

Their offense was so effective in game one that they chased Kershaw in the bottom of the fifth inning after he gave up back-to-back singles without recording an out. But, it was the pinch-hit home run by Red Sox third baseman, Eduardo Nunez, that was the killer in game one for the Dodgers.


Nunez was substituted into the game for Rafael Devers in the bottom of the seventh inning with runners on first and second. He then smacked an 83 MPH knee-high knuckle curve into the iconic Green Monster in left field for a three-run home run.

The Nunez home run was yet again another example of how dominant this Red Sox lineup is. Top to bottom, this lineup has no weak hitters in it. Whether it's Mookie Betts at the top or Jackie Bradley Jr. at the bottom there is always a quality hitter at the plate.

The Red Sox have been the best offense in baseball all season long, so its no surprise they have been doing the exact same thing in the postseason. The Red Sox led all teams in runs, hits, doubles, RBI's, batting average, OBP, SLG, and OPS all season long.

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This Red Sox offense leads all teams in hits and runs this postseason as well. It's hard to say money doesn't buy championships when you look at this offense and see how effective it is.

According to Sportrac, the Red Sox have the highest payroll in the league sitting at $228,398,860. This allows them to have such a dominant offense, not to mention the outstanding defense they play as well.

The Red Sox will need their offense to continue to dominate the Dodgers pitching staff for the remainder of this series. So, there won't be as much pressure on their pitching to carry the team the rest of the way.


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