WWE's Three Stages Of Hell Match Will Return At NXT TakeOver: Toronto

After clashing once again on this week's NXT, William Regal has revealed that Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole will do battle in a Three Stages of Hell match.

There are a few rivalries in NXT's relatively short history that have defined the brand. In 2019, Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano's fierce hatred for one another has become the latest addition to that list. The two of them have already put on a couple of match of the year contenders so far in 2019, and will likely do so again at NXT TakeOver: Toronto.

Cole took to the ring on NXT this week to further taunt Gargano, but the former NXT Champion had had enough. Gargano came sprinting to the ring and the show went off the air with the pair of them still brawling. NXT GM William Regal didn't even have the chance to explain how he plans to resolve the situation. That came later via a WWE.com exclusive.

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Regal revealed that at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, for the third TakeOver in a row, Gargano and Cole will go to war for the NXT Championship. However, this war between the two will upstage any that has come before it. That's because it's another two out of three falls match, but this one comes with a twist. Every match will have a different stipulation attached to it.

That's right, WWE's Three Stages of Hell is returning, and making its debut in NXT. Regal revealed that Gargano will choose one of the match's stipulations, Cole will choose the other, and should there be the need for a third fall, Regal will decide what the stipulation will be. If you thought the last two matches between Cole and Gargano were good, you haven't seen anything yet.

Three Stages of Hell matches don't come around all too often. This is only the fifth in WWE history and the first for more than six years. Previous stipulations have included street fights, steel cage matches, and even an ambulance match as the third fall when John Cena and Ryback clashed in the last Three Stages of Hell battle in 2013. Chances are, this will be the best of the five that there have been to date, so don't you dare miss it.

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