Giannis Antetokounmpo Says He Would Make Easy Work Out Of The Rock

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo has joked that he would give The Rock the beating of his life if he ever got the chance to face him in a ring.

The forward, a freak of nature in his own right, is a huge fan of the former WWE superstar and has been laying down challenges as of late, recently appearing in a video in which he claimed he could lift more than The Rock.

The Hollywood icon responded to Antetokounpo in a tweet, praising the player and branding him as "bionic". But he steered clear of accepting the challenge for reasons unknown.

Speaking to the media on Friday, the Bucks big man said he would "kill" The Rock if it ever came to them wrestling. But he quickly let everyone know that he was joking and admitted that he wasn't looking forward to an angry Dwayne Johnson showing up and laying the smack down on him.

"Haha just seeing this. My boys here are stroooong!!" Johnson tweeted after seeing the video with Giannis swearing he could outlift him.

"Good to see you’re bringing my Iron Paradise to the @NBA. It’s why you’re #1 in the East. @Giannis_An34 might be bionic."

Whether or not the player believes he can really lift more than The Rock is not clear, but it appears that he was simply having some fun. When it comes to fighting, however, he knows very well that he doesn't want any of it.

What This Means

Now that it's out there, we'd really like to know what would happen if the two ever squared off. Giannis does have the physique of someone who would excel at wrestling. They don't call him The Greek Freak for noting.

Maybe he ends up in the next installment of WWE 2K. But he can always get some practice against Enes Kanter, a player who has serious aspirations of being a wrestler himself.


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