Goldberg Was Paid A Shocking Amount For His Appearance At The Super ShowDown

Goldberg's match at the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia was shockingly bad. But what's also shocking is the sum WWE paid him for his trouble.

The former Universal Champion faced The Undertaker at the event and it was evident that the pairing was a poor choice as the veterans just couldn't get it to work. The former suffered a concussion after slamming into a ring post as part of a botched move, earning himself criticism from all over before he did the right thing and apologized to the fans.

The 52-year-old simply couldn't have been happy with his performance. But, according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he must have been very pleased with his bank account.

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Meltzer claims that Goldberg picked up $1 million on the night, which is more than what he made for an entire year of wrestling when he returned to WWE in 2003. That is more than enough to bring anyone out of retirement but the vet must be feeling like he didn't do enough to earn it. Of course, he won't be giving WWE any change in spite of that.

It's still unknown how much Taker made from the match, nor has Shawn Michael's take-home from his appearance at the prior show been revealed. But it's safe to assume that the sums were probably just as healthy as Goldberg's.

It is also believed that Brock Lesnar made more than Goldberg on the night, which is not hard to believe given his history and negotiating prowess.

Meanwhile, Goldberg is set for a SummerSlam face-off with Dolph Ziggler and it's been reported that WWE plans on using him after the event as well. It is understood that the company plans to employ him in the same manner Bruno Sammartino was during the latter stages of his career, coming back for a grudge match every year.

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