Goldberg And Undertaker Could Compete For A New Legends Championship

At the upcoming Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia, WWE legends Goldberg and The Undertaker will square off in the middle of the ring for the very first time - but this could be more than just a one-on-one match.

BeltFanDan (h/t Ringside News), said that he was "hearing" about Goldberg and Undertaker competing for a "Legends Championship," supposedly a new title belt that WWE would introduce. It should be noted that BeltFanDan later deleted the tweet and later emphasized he couldn't "confirm anything".

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also reported on a Legends Championship being discussed. WWE introduced the 24/7 Championship on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw.The title can simply be defended on all five brands, and R-Truth walked out as the new title holder after defeating Bobby Roode via pinfall.

WWE has been adding more and more titles to the trophy room over the last couple of years. The Women's Tag Team Championships were introduced near the end of 2018, while the NXT UK brand saw the berth of a Women's Championship plus Tag Team titles.

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In 2016, following the brand split, the Universal Championship was unveiled on the Monday Night Raw brand. That same year, WWE established SmackDown Tag Team Titles plus separate Women's Championships for both the Raw and SmackDown brands.

It would certainly be interesting if WWE were to introduce a Legends Championship ahead of the Goldberg-Undertaker bout. The former is competing in his first match since WrestleMania 33, and it's unknown if he'll wrestle again after this. The Undertaker is 54 years of age and has fought through multiple injuries, but perhaps he has at least one more championship run in him. We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out in the weeks leading up to their match.

What This Means

A Legends Championship match would be a great idea, because it opens the door for more wrestling icons and veterans to compete more often. Fans never get tired of the old-timers competing, and adding a new championship would only bring more excitement and drama to the legend vs. legend showdowns.

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