Goldberg Appears On Raw, Now Official For SummerSlam Vs Ziggler

The rumors that Goldberg might replace The Miz at SummerSlam became a reality on Monday as the WWE Hall of Famer returned to close Raw on MizTV.

The ending of Raw was set to be a contract signing between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz with special guest Shawn Michaels. Only, the signing of the contract was never actually going to be a match between The Miz and Ziggler. No, Miz and Michaels had other things in mind.

After Ziggler spent weeks calling Goldberg washed up and after SuperKicking Michaels and taking aim at The Miz, Ziggler had stirred the pot enough that all three felt someone needed to teach the self-proclaimed best wrestler in WWE a lesson.

Ziggler signed only to be told by The Miz that he wasn't going to be wrestling who he thought he was. Saying he had plenty of SummerSlams left in him, The Miz was happy enough giving his spot to someone who probably didn't That led to everyone in the live audience thinking it might be Michaels. And, on cue, Michaels stepped forward.

Only Michaels revealed it wasn't him either.

As the fans clued in, Goldberg chants rang out through the arena and his iconic music started as he appeared at the ramp. Making his way to the ring, Dolph scattered. Goldberg grabbed a pen, pulled out the contract and sign his name making a match between himself and Ziggler official. He then grabbed the mic and said, "Hey Dolph... Son, you're next!"

What This Means

This segment was very well done and the reveal of Goldberg as Dolph's opponent (a poorly kept secret) delayed until the bitter end. That left fans questioning Michaels' involvement until Goldberg showed up.

This will be a chance for Goldberg to right a wrong that took place in his match versus The Undertaker at SuperShow Down and Ziggler becomes the unfortunate performer who gets to help Goldberg look like an unstoppable force again.

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