Goldberg Banishes Memory Of Super Showdown By Doing What He Does Best At SummerSlam

Goldberg made incredibly short work of Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, even after eating a couple of Super Kicks at the start of the match.

At Super Showdown earlier this year, Goldberg and The Undertaker went one-on-one in a dream match. The only trouble is, that dream match came about 20 years too late, and it showed. The aging Superstars were not helped by the fact that Goldberg accidentally smashed his head on the ring post very early on in the match.

Shortly after that debacle of a match, Undertaker returned to show fans that he is not yet past it. He did that by teaming with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules and it was a successful outing. However, we were left wondering whether Goldberg would want to do the same, or if he would be taking the match as a sign that he should never wrestle again.

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That question was answered last week when it was revealed that Dolph Ziggler would be taking on Goldberg at SummerSlam. That match has now been and gone, and even though it was exactly what we expected it to be, it wasn't any less entertaining. Ziggler managed to sneak in two Super Kicks at the start of the match, but that just made Goldberg angry.

After kicking out on one twice in a row, the Hall Of Famer delivered a devastating Spear to his opponent. One Jackhammer later, and the match was over. Ziggler was a glutton for punishment though, and taunted Goldberg so much that he returned to the ring on two more occasions to hand out even more Spears. We imagine someone had to peel The Showoff off of the mat before the next match.

As for what's next for Goldberg, well, there has been talk that the former Universal Champion might wrestle a few more matches before he's done for good. Matt Riddle will certainly be hoping so. The NXT star was watching Goldberg's match with Ziggler along with other WWE personalities on SummerSlam's Watch Along, and talked smack about the HOFer the entire time. Your move, Goldberg.

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