Goldberg Hints At Return, Wants to "Erase The Feeling" From Last Match

Goldberg returned to the ring last month at Super ShowDown for his first match in two years, where he lost to The Undertaker in a rather forgettable main event bout.

The match was heavily panned by WWE fans and pundits for obvious reasons. There were a handful of notorious botches throughout the match. At one point, Goldberg failed to executed a Tombstone Piledriver and accidentally dropped Undertaker on top of him - and both were very lucky to avoid serious injury there.

Later on in the match, Goldberg ran headfirst into a turnbuckle and suffered a concussion. With Goldberg looking "groggy," WWE personnel stayed contacted the referee, and they made a decision to end the match quickly. Undertaker would then put Goldberg away via pinfall to mercilessly conclude the fight.

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One might think that Goldberg might decide to hang up the wrestling boots on his legendary career following the disappointing match. But Goldberg responded to a fan's question on Twitter and hinted that he's not ready to retire just yet.

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After the match, it was reported by Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn't Know that Goldberg and Undertaker got into a confrontation backstage, as both men accused each other of being "unsafe." WWE officials had to step in, and it was said to be "out of character for" the two superstars.

Goldberg is now 52 years of age and is still in good shape, but if he does wrestle again, it's safe to say that WWE will want him and his opponent to do more training and rehearsing ahead of time. It's also hard to envision WWE having him go up against The Undertaker again, as another opponent would be best for the Hall of Famer.

What This Means

It's hard to imagine Goldberg willingly retiring after a disappointing match against Undertaker. The Hall of Famer will certainly look to go out on a high note, and since his matches tend to only last a few minutes, it won't be difficult for WWE to plan something out for him. It really just seems like a matter of time until we see Goldberg return to the ring for at least one more match.

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