Goldberg May Have Suffered Concussion During Match Vs. Undertaker

Goldberg and The Undertaker closed out the Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday night, where The Phenom emerged victorious over the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee.

However, the technical aspect of the match was far from spectacular - with botched Tombstone Piledrivers, Jackhammers and chokeslams. Here are just a couple of the poorly executed moves by the two wrestling legends.

Both superstars are fortunate to not have suffered injuries, thus allowing them to finish out the match. But according to Paul Davis of Wrestling News, somebody backstage said that trainers were "checking on Goldberg" and they believe he was concussed during the match.

As Davis noted, the match began going off the rails when Goldberg hit his head into the turnbuckle after trying to hit The Deadman with a spear. The referee of the match was in contact with backstage personnel, and since Goldberg was looking "groggy," the decision was made to end the match quickly. Undertaker would defeat him via pinfall, putting an end to the disappointing and all-around frustration match.

After the match, Goldberg took to Twitter and revealed he knocked himself out and felt as though he let his fans down.

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Even if the technical side of the match wasn't great, simply getting to see the two wrestling icons meet for the first time was a thrill in itself. Goldberg was wrestling his first match since WrestleMania 33 two years ago, and Super ShowDown marked Undertaker's first bout since the Crown Jewel show in November.

So it's unfair to blame Undertaker or Goldberg for performing a lackluster match. They're 54 and 52 years of age, respectively. Both men trained hard, prepared extensively and did everything in their power to put on a match. They should be applauded for their efforts, even if the match itself didn't live up to everybody's expectations.

What This Means

WWE should have known that this wasn't going to be a main event worthy type of match. Neither superstar had wrestled in a while, they're both in their 50s and Undertaker has been fighting through numerous injuries over the years. WWE should have seen this coming, and they should have picked another match to be the main event.

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