Goldberg Only Returned To Super ShowDown Under One Condition

Goldberg returned to WWE at the Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for his first match in over two years, where he lost via pinfall to The Undertaker.

Though he never officially retired from wrestling, it was implied that Goldberg was done after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year, and he hadn't competed since WrestleMania 33. But in a surprise twist, WWE brought back the 52-year-old to headline one of their major events overseas.

Obviously, a nice payday could have influenced Goldberg's decision to come back. But according to Fightful.com (h/t Ringside News), Goldberg was only willing to wrestle if his wife and son were permitted to tag along for the event. It was noted that neither were seen in the crowd.

At any rate, the condition was met and WWE was able to bring back Goldberg for one final match. Unfortunately, his bout with Undertaker will go down as one of the more forgettable recent events in recent memory.

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The match was full of botches, with Goldberg unable to execute a Tombstone Piledriver on The Deadman, instead dropping him by accident. On top of that, Goldberg reportedly suffered a concussion after running headfirst into the turnbuckle. It was reported by Paul Davis of Wrestling News that the referee was told through his earpiece backstage to have the match end quickly, as Goldberg was looking "groggy."

It was also reported that Undertaker and Goldberg got into a heated confrontation backstage after their match. Details of the argument weren't clear, but one has to think it would stem from frustration about the poor quality and execution of their match.

What This Means

Goldberg's condition for coming back to the ring came down to family, and WWE obviously had no problem honoring it. That said, it's anybody's guess if he'll come back to the ring one more time. On one hand, it's clear that he's not in prime wrestling shape anymore, but Goldberg might also have the desire to go out on a higher note.

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