Goldust Says Emergence Of AEW Should Actually Be Great For WWE

Many are of the view that the emergence of All Elite Wrestling could spell disaster for the WWE. After all, the new promotion is already attracting talent from Vince McMahon's company and could possibly land one of their biggest stars in Dean Ambrose when he leaves in April.

AEW, run by brothers Tody and Sahid Khan, employs former WWE performer Cody Rhodes, who will serve as executive vice president alongside The Young Bucks.

Recent reports claim that the new company has made a very handsome offer to a top WWE star - who remains unnamed for the time being - while they boast the likes of Chris Jericho and PAC, formerly known as Neville, among other notable wrestling personalities.


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Long-serving WWE star Goldust, though, reckons the AEW could be one of the best things to happen to the WWE.

The veteran, who is also brother to Rhodes, was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso and gave his take on the novel promotion.

“They’re doing it really professionally, from the heads of the company to their big talent to the newer stars," he noted. "I’m very curious to see what Cody and the Young Bucks can do with All Elite Wrestling. I hope this really takes storm and becomes something formidable. You need places to go and work, competition is great and it is the best thing that can happen for WWE.

“I am very proud of Cody, and I know Dad [Dusty Rhodes] would be so proud and happy for Cody. He has a great mind for the business, he’s done so much already, but he’s paid attention and learned from mistakes. He’s fought for what he has, and his work in AEW will show that.”

The 49-year-old has been out since undergoing double knee surgery last summer but hopes to make a return to the ring in a few weeks, having undergone an evaluation late last month.

“Hopefully I can be back wrestling within the next couple weeks,” he revealed during the interview. “What that holds for me, I have no idea. There are no plans for me that I know of, so I’ll just take it day by day.”

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What This Means

While AEW is considered to be a threat to the WWE, Goldust's assertion is quite sensible.

The competition could force McMahon to raise standards and give fans an improved product. And, given that they're already scrambling to get assurances from their current talent, per reports, it appears that they aren't looking to wait for their new rivals to kick things off before upping their game.


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