Hakim Warrick Wants To Make NBA Comeback While Impressing In G League

Sometimes, retirement just isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and this is the case for the  Hakim Warrick, who's been out of the NBA since 2012-13.

Warrick would like to give the G-League a shot as he attempts to make it into an NBA roster spot. So far, in his five games this season alongside the Iowa Wolves he's managed to get 9.2 points and 6.4 rebounds. Given that was with an average time of 18.5 minutes,it seems like he's still pulling his part, despite what many people might think when they hear that he's 36 years old.

According to MSN,  Warrick thinks that he could offer both wisdom and good old-fashion experience in the locker room. So what does this really mean? Well, it sounds like he mostly wants to pass on knowledge that might have been forgotten over his eight-year career?


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What This Means

He might have a shot, but he needs to be willing to do a lot more than just provide advice and play every now and then. This means that he needs to really bring up his game if he wants to even come close to some of the new guys that are out on the court dropping thirty points a game, Warrick needs to do something similar. This will do two favors for him, the first is that it'll show off his skills and probably get the attention of many NBA teams.

The second thing is simple, it's going to show dedication. Let's face it, his career wasn't quite long in the past and he needs to come to terms with that. If Hakim manages to show some hardcore dedication, as a long-term player, maybe he'll improve his chances.

One thing is for sure, he does have the skill and he does want to go back into the world of the NBA, but there may be some more options. Currently, it seems like he's putting all his eggs in one basket with the G-League, perhaps he should contact some former coaches and team members to receive some advice and maybe a position on their team.

What this means for Hakim is that if he does get the option to return, he'll probably be playing point guard, since that is what he used to be decent at. Now, in terms of salary, he won't be making as much as some of the other veterans out there but he can expect to pull in around two to four million USD. One reason behind this is that he's been out of the game for several years and in 2013 he was only getting 4.25 million USD, so, he's never really been an expensive player.


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