Hardy Boyz Win SmackDown Tag Team Titles, Laid Out By Lars Sullivan

The Hardy Boyz defeated the Usos on the SmackDown Live prior to next week's WWE Superstar Shakeup. Then they got laid out by Lars Sullivan.

The Usos vs. the Hardys was a match almost everyone wanted to see but a match WWE didn't deliver at the biggest event of the year. Instead, the Hardy's were tossed into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal while the Usos successfully defended their SmackDown titles in a Fatal 4-Way matchup. Less than 48 hours later, WWE made up for the mistake and based on popular demand, offered the Hardy's vs. the Usos in a classic two-team tag match.

And, as the match went on, both teams delivered as most fans assumed they would. Two teams who are among the best in the business put on a show until ultimately, the Hardy's were able to land their finishing series and a Swanton Bomb by Jeff put the Usos away.

The fans were excited to see the new champs and hear what they had to say as they made their way to the middle of the ring for an interview. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by none other than Lars Sullivan who made his way down to the ring, and much like he did the night before on Raw, when he destroyed Kurt Angle, Sullivan took out the Hardy's and left them laying in the ring.

What This Means

Having Sullivan target the Hardy's seems like a strange choice but what we should be able to determine from all of this is that WWE wants him to be a monster and taking out the new tag champs helps portray that image. What we can probably also assume is that the Usos will be making their way to Raw now that they are no longer the tag champions of the blue brand.

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