Hell In A Cell 2018 Match Card, Start Time, Updates, & Where To Watch

You might be a little confused as to what PPV is happening when in WWE since three are being built to all at the same time. First up is Hell In A Cell which takes place this Sunday, September 16, 2018. There are eight matches on the card, two of which will be taking place inside the structure after which the PPV is named, and here's everything you need to know about every last one of them.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship

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Hell In A Cell's main event has had an awful lot of moving parts. Roman Reigns is finally Universal Champion after chasing Brock Lesnar for most of 2018, Braun Strowman is now a heel and has his own faction, plus Mick Foley will be inside the cell with them as a special guest referee. This one is guaranteed to bring chaos and carnage along with it, including cameo appearances from the rest of The Shield and Strowman's dogs of war.


AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship

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The WWE Title match between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will not be inside Hell In A Cell. That's either because WWE believes the rivalry is already so fierce that it doesn't need that added element, or this one is once again bound to end with a screwy finish. Let's hope for the former. Either way, how personal this feud has gotten has made it can't miss, but can The Destroyer prise the title away from Styles?

Ronda Rousey vs Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship

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To say that Ronda Rousey's championship win over Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam was one-sided would be a bit of an understatement. The Rowdy One treated WWE's Goddess like a rag doll. However, since then, Bliss has been watching and learning. Five Feet Of Fury has gotten her first submission win in her career since she lost the title, and also did damage to Rousey's ribs this week on Raw. Will that play into their rematch at Hell In A Cell?


Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship

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Of all the matches on the card, this is the one most deserving of being inside Hell In A Cell. Sadly, that's not the case. Nevertheless, this one should be a pretty terrific match. Becky Lynch as a heel is working better than we thought it would when she first turned at SummerSlam. The best friends turned bitter enemies can't wait to get their hands on each other. Charlotte Flair doesn't often lose on PPV, though. Her current record is 18-2.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz and Maryse

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At SummerSlam we finally got the dream match we had all been waiting for between Daniel Bryan and The Miz, but not the ending we had hoped for. Miz now has a win over Bryan but things are far from over between the two of them. At Hell In A Cell, Brie Bella and Maryse will be a part of the action too in a mixed tag team match. Both women stepped back between the ropes for a singles match for the first time in years on SmackDown Live this past week, and things naturally ended in anarchy.

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

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The SmackDown Live match that has been selected to take place inside Hell In A Cell on Sunday is this one between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy, and we're still not sure why. There are a couple of more viable candidates on the blue brand, as highlighted above. Irregardless, it will be this grudge match that takes place inside the devil's playground. Perhaps Orton's experience inside the cell coupled with the fact that Hardy has never competed inside of one has led to this match being the chosen one from Tuesday nights.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the Raw Tag Team Championships

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Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre have been treating Raw like they own it ever since Kurt Angle was forced to take some holiday. That's how the pair has ended up with the Raw Tag Team Titles. Well, they've made themselves a lot of enemies in the process, and three of those enemies make up The Shield. Ziggler and McIntyre may have been able to defeat The B-Team in back-to-back weeks, but that won't compare to the challenge of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at Hell In A Cell.


The New Day vs Rusev Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

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The New Day hasn't really had much to do since becoming Tag Team Champions for a fifth time. The trio has just been able to sit back and watch the rest of SmackDown Live's tag division battle it out for the right to face them at Hell In A Cell. The last team standing? Rusev and Aiden English. English has had to prove himself to Rusev after accidentally costing him and Lana matches recently, and he did that this past Tuesday by taking a Brogue Kick for his Bulgarian brother.

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