Houston Texans Remain Interested In Re-Signing Clowney & Mathieu

The Houston Texans have indicated that they still have interest in bringing back, Jadeveon Clowney and Tyrann Mathieu despite their blowout loss to the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend.

This past Saturday, the Colts defeated the Texans by a score of 21 to 7. After the game, both Clowney and Mathieu reconfirmed their preference to be back with the team following this unexpected defeat.

Both players will become unrestricted free agents once the official new season begins in March. The Texans have reportedly continued to show their interest in extending both players, to keep their outstanding defensive core together.


Both players will also likely not come cheap for the Texans though. They're both under 30-years-old which means they will be able to desire multi-year contracts, that would also likely pay them in the double-figures per season.

According to Sportrac, the Texans will have just over $67 million in salary-cap space heading into this off-season. Which means they definitely should have enough room to be able to bring back both Clowney and Mathieu.

The market value is expected to be very high for Clowney, which means negations may seem to be challenging for the Texans this off-season. Sportrac is stating that the market value for him would be a six-year deal worth just over $100 million.

This would also earn him an average annual earning of $16.6 million over those six seasons. However, Clowney stated after the game that he wants to play the rest of his career in Houston, which could mean that he'd be willing to take a little less on his new contract to help the Texans continue further on improving their team.


The situation with Mathieu however, is a little different than the one with Clowney. The "Honey Badger" was expected to make just over $18 million for this past season before the Arizona Cardinals decided to cut ties with the 26-year-old.

Then, he signed a one-year deal with the Texans that paid him $7 million this season. Which makes it hard to gather as to what the safety is worth heading into this off-season. He had a very productive season with the Texans, which is why if he wants close to what the Texans paid him this season, then it's likely they will able to bring him back as well.

After the team performed to an 11-5 record, they will be looking to try and improve their team that was blown out by the Colts. But, they first plan to attempt in bringing both Clowney and Mathieu back before they do anything else this off-season.

What This Means

Clowney and Mathieu were a big part of the Texans' defense this season. So, it makes perfect sense that they would want to resign both players this off-season. Especially when they have enough money to bring them both back and still make improvements to this team.

It was very surprising that they were blown out by the Colts in the Wild Card round of the playoffs this season. But, it's clear that they won't be a better team next season, without Clowney or Mathieu.


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