Backstage News On How Much Goldberg Will Make At SummerSlam

Goldberg is set to face Dolph Ziggler at tomorrow's SummerSlam pay-per-view in Toronto, and the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee is set to earn a generous payday out of it.

According to WWE insider Brad Shepard, Goldberg is set to earn $600,000 for the match against Ziggler. It's not as much as the $1 million check he took home for going up against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown, but it's still a nice sum of cash.

It's well-known that Vince McMahon is never afraid to pay big dollars to part-time performers. Brock Lesnar and John Cena are among the highest-paid superstars on an annual basis, so it's no surprise that the WWE chairman is paying Goldberg is taking home a ton of money per match.

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At Super ShowDown, Goldberg lost to Undertaker in a match that was filled with botched finishers. In fact, the former suffered a concussion after crashing headfirst into the ring post. Goldberg expressed his desire to wrestle again and "erase the feeling" from the showdown with Undertaker, and sure enough, he's earned the chance to do that against The Showoff.

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Goldberg made a surprise appearance on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and signed a contract on Miz TV to set up his clash with Ziggler, who was hit with the Sweet Chin Music finisher by Shawn Michaels at the very end of the show.

It should be noted that this is unlikely to be Goldberg's final match in his legendary career. New Raw executive director Paul Heyman is reportedly keen on using Goldberg down the road in a Bruno Sammartino-like role, where he'd wrestle a handful of matches a year.

What This Means

At the end of the day, big-named superstars like Goldberg are huge money draws for WWE. They help sell tickets while improving television ratings, so it makes good sense for Vince to pay big money if it means bringing on big-named veterans back. Goldberg's match vs. Ziggler will probably only last a few minutes, but for Vince, having the Hall of Famer in the ring is all that matters.

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