News On How Unhappy WWE Superstars Can Get Out Of Their Contracts

There are a handful of WWE superstars that have become disgruntled with their places in the company, but they've learned how difficult it is to get out of their contracts.

For example, Luke Harper was open about his request and desire to leave WWE. However, the company refused to grant his wish, and more time was actually added onto his contract.

Sasha Banks has been absent from WWE since WrestleMania 35, and it's been suggested that she wanted to leave the company altogether. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE could "freeze" Banks' deal, rather than release the former Raw Women's Champion from her contract.

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So it's obvious that superstars can't simply asked to be released, because WWE won't grant it. But wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer (h/t Ringside News), may have figured out a genius way for an unhappy superstar to get released.

Somebody asked Meltzer if the easy way out (the "golden ticket") of WWE would be for a superstar to try and lobby for a union. That's something that Vince McMahon obviously isn't keen on, and Meltzer thinks "that might be a way out."

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Whether or not any superstars have or plan on trying this is anybody's guess. But for well-known disgruntled talents like Harper, The Revival and Rusev, simply pushing for a union backstage might be all it takes to finally get released.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have yet to accept WWE's lucrative contract offers, which suggests they're planning to leave once their current deals expire. Rusev has been vocal about his frustrations in WWE, and perhaps a move to AEW is best for his future. Of course, there are other superstars that are staying quiet and simply "counting the days" until their contracts run up. Perhaps the likes of Harper and Rusev will follow that route instead of pushing for a union.

What This Means

Well, it seems like there is indeed a hope for unhappy WWE superstars to get out of their contracts. Meltzer simply laid it out for them. The superstars just have to work together and push for a union, because that might enrage Vince enough to the point where he decides to let them go.

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