Huge Raw Takeaways- A Big Night For Balor

The biggest Takeaway from last week's Raw was that it really wasn't worth watching. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley decimating babyfaces throughout the show did not exactly make for the best television. WWE had some making up to do this week for those of us who dared to tune in after what happened last Monday night. The good news is that the show was not nearly as bad as last week's. How could it be? Plus, a couple of those aforementioned names got a much needed comeuppance.


We Got Back To Back Women's Segments To Open Raw

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Last week's Raw wasn't exactly lauded by the WWE Universe. The three-hour show was even more slow going than usual. WWE looked to remedy that this week by opening the show with the best thing about the company right now, its women's division. Raw started with what was supposed to be a tag match featuring Ronda Rousey and Natalya versus Nia Jax and Tamina. The Riott Squad stopped that match from happening. Right after that, Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alicia Fox and Mickie James. More women's matches and less Baron Corbin please WWE.

Who Is Booking These Lucha House Party Matches?

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For the third week in a row, we witnessed Lucha House Party defeat The Revival on Raw. That's because for the third week in a row, the match was held under Lucha House rules. As you should know by now, that means all three members of the 205 Live team are allowed to compete. Seems unfair as it has effectively made all of their matches recently into handicap affairs that favor them. What we want to know is who is booking these matches? The luchadors are babyfaces, so why would Corbin continually put them in matches that benefit them? We're assuming this is just one of those questions WWE wishes fans wouldn't ask as there is no answer.

Finn Balor Is A Marked Man

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The dominance of Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley was the main reason Raw didn't impress last week. On Monday, Finn Balor went about putting that right. He started by causing McIntyre to lose for the first time since returning to the main roster. His distraction opened the door for Dolph Ziggler to nail The Scot with a superkick and pick up the win. In the segment after that, Balor wrangled a fleeing Lio Rush and fed him to Elias, causing the loudmouthed sidekick to have a guitar broken over his back. Great to see, but the Irishman is going to need to be watching his back for the foreseeable future.

Dean Ambrose Came To Raw Dressed As Bane

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Lucky for fans who wanted to see him, it seems Dean Ambrose has had all of the required shots for him to be able to appear in public. However, he didn't want to risk it and still came to the ring wearing a gas mask. The whole ordeal was reminiscent of the scene from Dark Knight Rises when Bane attacks a football stadium. Ambrose even had the jacket to match the Batman supervillain and sounded like him when he spoke through his gas mask. Bane is a pretty formidable villain, so we are all for Ambrose channeling him in WWE.


Rhyno Won't Get To Be A Referee

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Corbin called Heath Slater and Rhyno into his office midway through the evening. The acting GM revealed to the team that the budget only allowed for one of them to remain employed on Raw. That led to a match between the two with the loser being fired. Slater beat Rhyno meaning the former 3MB man's kids will not go hungry. What Corbin neglected to divulge was the spot the two of them were battling for was a referee's one. After the match, The Lone Wolf gave Slater his new ref shirt. Better than being fired we guess.


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