Huge Raw Takeaways- Raw Is Getting Better, Slowly

Let's not beat around the bush, Raw has been almost unwatchable for the last couple of weeks. Even getting rid of that pesky third hour wouldn't have made things much better. The ever decreasing TV ratings cannot be ignored by WWE forever. The excuse that it is a quiet time of year is wearing pretty thin too. Monday night was the TLC go-home show, and something had to change on Raw to pique our interest.


We See What You Did There

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Raw has been pretty terrible for the last couple of weeks, and fans have not been shy about letting WWE know that. Whether it be voicing their displeasure via social media or simply tuning out, WWE has clearly noticed. That was evident from Raw's opening segment on Monday. Despite not having any ongoing angle with Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins called out the General Manager Elect and proceeded to air his grievances. Or should we say the grievances of the fans? Rollins was the WWE Universe and Corbin acted as the face of WWE creative. The Architect then proceeded to blame Corbin for everything bad about Raw right now, even acknowledging that the show's ratings are at an all-time low.


We Have New Tag Team Champions

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Raw's tag division has not exactly been anything to get excited about recently. Hopefully, Monday night signaled a new beginning for Team Red's tag teams. Bobby Roode was not distracted by someone stealing his robe and stuffing it down a toilet. Nor was he pinned by someone half his size. In fact, he and Chad Gable are now the new Raw Tag Team Champions. They had to beat three men in order to win them too. Drake Maverick attempted to humiliate Roode once again by tagging in every time The Glorious One was down and out. Instead, he wound up getting pinned and losing AOP the Tag Titles.

Heath Slater Is A Terrible Referee

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Last week, Corbin pitted Rhyno and Heath Slater against each other with the loser getting fired from Raw. Once the match was over, the GM-elect revealed the match wasn't for a spot as a wrestler, but as a referee. This past Monday, Slater started that new chapter of his career. The first match he took charge of was Lio Rush versus Elias, and he did not do a good job. When Bobby Lashley got involved, Slater let it slide. He also turned a blind eye to Elias having his own guitar smashed across his back. Not a great performance by Slater, unless you're Corbin. The GM-elect liked it so much that he made him the ref for Raw's main event.

Please WWE, No More Open Forums

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One of the worst Raw segments in recent memory was the open forum featuring Bayley and Sasha Banks two weeks ago. So naturally, WWE had the segment for a second time last week. If you're one of the three fans that has enjoyed these open forums, you were likely salivating at the prospect of the third in three weeks, this time involving Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax. You will have then been left disappointed as Rousey storming the ring thankfully made everyone forget there was supposed to be a Q&A session. Instead, we got a match between Tamina and Ember Moon.

Seth Rollins Is Here To Save Raw

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Not only is Rollins trying to save Raw by openly pointing out its flaws from the past two weeks, but he is demonstrating how Superstars should be getting it done in the ring too. The only match worth remembering from the last two episodes of Raw was The Architect's showdown with Dolph Ziggler a couple of weeks ago. You can now add his TLC main event with Corbin to that short list. The two of them put on a great main event this past Monday. Well, the two of them and referee Heath Slater. Despite Slater supporting Corbin in an attempt to keep his job, Rollins still managed to retain in his title in what was a terrific match.


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