Huge SmackDown Live Takeaways- The New Daniel Bryan

Now that Crown Jewel and Survivor Series are so far behind us that we can't even see them in the rear view mirror any longer, Raw and SmackDown Live once again feel as if they are separate shows. Considering the state of Raw right now, that is definitely a good thing for Team Blue. Between The Man and the new Daniel Bryan, SmackDown Live has a lot of good going for it right now. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the latest edition of the two-hour show.


WWE Is Taking No Risks With Becky Lynch

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Rumor has it that Becky Lynch has been cleared to compete normally at TLC. We certainly hope so, she signed the contract for the match on SmackDown Live this week. What's clear is WWE doesn't want The Man getting injured before then. Contract signings usually end in chaos, but Lynch had already ventured back to the locker room when that happened on Tuesday. The champ left Charlotte Flair and Asuka to take on the incoming Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.


Someone Is High On Sonya Deville

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The women's division is currently pretty strong on SmackDown Live. Most of the credit for that goes to the three women mentioned above. However, the three of them can't run the entire division alone. WWE appears to be trying to place Sonya Deville on the next rung down. In the tag match that ensued following the contract signing, Deville picked up the win by pinning Flair. That's a big deal, and just seven days after she came second in the battle royal. Perhaps with her MMA background, WWE is grooming her for a match with Ronda Rousey somewhere down the line.

Don't Give Lars Sullivan The Sanity Treatment

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Lars Sullivan's arrival on the main roster is imminent. WWE has made sure we are fully aware of that. What we haven't been told is what roster he will land on. Perhaps WWE doesn't know at this point. What it needs to make sure of is that Sullivan doesn't get the same treatment as Sanity has done. A faction that caused chaos in NXT, but has done almost nothing on SmackDown Live. Just because Sullivan is getting two vignette spots a week doesn't mean creative will get it right when he finally arrives. Put him on SmackDown Live and have him lay out someone big on night one.

Wrestlers Are Way Too Easily Distracted

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Last week on Raw, Bobby Roode spent a good 30 seconds watching Drake Maverick pee on his robe and flush it down the toilet. All while he was the legal man in a match for the Tag Team Titles. This week, with Randy Orton laid out on an announce table, Jeff Hardy was distracted by something happening on the big screen. For the second week in a row, it was Samoa Joe tormenting the more than 20 year veteran about his troubled past. Joe was in a bar this time, serving drinks. The distraction provided Orton enough time to recover and deliver an RKO to Hardy, winning him the match.

Who Saw Daniel Bryan And The Miz Swapping Roles Coming?

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Okay, so they haven't switched places entirely, but Daniel Bryan is getting pretty vociferously booed. Never in our lives did we expect to live in a world where fans hated Bryan, especially while he was WWE Champion. The champ went off on the fans this week during Miz TV, labeling all of them fickle and shaming them for destroying the planet. Meanwhile, The Miz made fun of Bryan for the statements he was making. He did still attack AJ Styles when he came to attack Bryan, though. Part of us hopes Miz gets added to the title match at TLC, but we also want to see the new Daniel Bryan take on Styles one on one again. Plus, SmackDown Live already has one triple threat match scheduled for TLC anyway.


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