Huge Crown Jewel 2018 Takeaways- Shawn Michaels Should Not Be Smiling

Not a lot suggested to us that WWE Crown Jewel was going to be a good show. No female wrestlers, competitors pulling out due to the controversy of competing in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Prince demanding older wrestlers take prime spots on the show. Not to mention the lackluster stadium house show that was Greatest Royal Rumble. Well, if you didn't like the last show from Saudi Arabia, chances are you hated this one even more. Settle in folks because this was not good.


WWE Is Having A Controversy Detox

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WWE holding Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was a pretty controversial move. There were even US senators who urged Vince McMahon to reconsider. He and WWE carried on regardless though, and that decision has received a lot of backlash. It would appear that Mr. McMahon thought to hell with it, everyone is already angry, let's get this out of the way too. By this, we mean the on-screen return of Hulk Hogan. It was rumored that The Hulkster would be hosting Crown Jewel, and those rumors turned out to be true.

Rey Mysterio Is Aging Backwards

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Rey Mysterio has been wrestling since the 1980s. Just let that sink in for a second. The shape he is currently in and the ability he still has between the ropes is nothing short of remarkable. Mysterio might not have won the World Cup at Crown Jewel, but he looked incredible during the two matches he competed in. Yes, we were all hoping to see him take on Kurt Angle or Seth Rollins in the final, but we'll have to wait a little bit longer for those dream matches. Really the luchador was just being smart. If he had made it to the final and lost, he'd have been fired from SmackDown Live.

Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe Have Become Designated Jobbers

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It feels as if Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe have been chasing World Championships the entire time they have been on the main roster. At Crown Jewel, it felt like a guarantee that at least one of them would finally achieve that goal. Well, if you didn't know already, we have some bad news. Joe lost to AJ Styles in what was a mediocre match compared to their others. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar is now the Universal Champion once again after making Strowman look like a complete idiot. WWE has two absolute monsters on their hands in Joe and Strowman, and they are currently doing both of them an incredible disservice.


Shane McMahon Is The "Best In The World"

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The highlight of Crown Jewel should have been the first ever WWE World Cup, and to an extent it was. Seeing the likes of Mysterio, Rollins, and the singles return of Angle. However, all of that will be forgotten because of what happened in the final. The Miz suffering an injury meant that Shane McMahon forcibly took his place. Luckily that means he doesn't get to fire anyone, but the reality is so much worse. The SmackDown Live commissioner demanded that he be awarded the World Cup trophy upon victory, even though he only won one match. How about we never mention this tournament ever again, okay WWE?

Shawn Michaels Has Got Nothing To Smile About

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Put three men in their fifties, and one in his very late forties, in the ring together and you get what happened in the main event of Crown Jewel. D-Generation X versus The Brothers Of Destruction. A first time ever match featuring four of the best the business has ever seen. Well, maybe they were fifteen years ago. Now they are older and that was shoved under a microscope in Saudi Arabia. From Triple H appearing to have really hurt himself to Shawn Michaels accidentally punching Kane's mask off, this was not a good advert for the wrestling industry. Ironically, the man who hadn't wrestled for eight and a half years was the best performer. We're not sure what HBK was smiling about after the match, though. Maybe the massive cheque he'll be cashing when he gets back to the US. If you're not going to have a dream match with someone who can still go, you really should have stayed retired Shawn.


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