Huge WWE TLC 2018 Takeaways- Ronda Rousey Declares War

It takes tremendous self-restraint on WWE's part to go four whole weeks without a PPV in the present day. That's what we had in the build to TLC, though. That's probably why even though it is technically a secondary PPV, the show featured a bumper 12 matches. That's a lot of wrestling to get through in one evening. Naturally, some moments and matches will have more of an effect on the product than others. Here are some of the very biggest takeaways from Sunday night's show.

Triple Threat Tag Team Matches Are Stupid

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As many illogical rules and match types as there are and have been in WWE, the way the company plays out triple threat tag team matches might be our least favorite. Three teams, it would make sense that one person from each team is in the ring at a time, but no. The Usos started this one with no one in the ring. Instead, they had to rely on a legal member of a rival team tagging them in. Why would anyone do that? This match should have been a TLC affair anyway. The only reason it wasn't is because it would have stolen the show.

Baron Corbin's Reign Of Tyranny Is Over

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With his new, self-appointed referee in tow, Baron Corbin smugly walked to the ring at TLC in preparation to win his match against Braun Strowman by forfeit. Unfortunately for The Lone Wolf, that did not happen. Strowman could have had the surgery on Sunday morning, he still wouldn't have missed TLC. With his arm in a sling, The Monster marched to the ring and a slew of wrestlers Corbin has wronged followed him. Kurt Angle joined the party and made sure Corbin couldn't escape. After a suitable beatdown, Strowman won the match by pinning Corbin with just one foot.


Where We're Going, We Don't Care About Rules

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When Strowman revealed himself for his match with Corbin, he correctly pointed out that since it was a TLC affair, there was no disqualification. That's why so many people could legally help him out. However, moments earlier, that same match started despite only one of the two opponents being in the ring. Strowman was also in the process of losing by count out. That shouldn't be able to happen in a TLC match. Later in the evening, Finn Balor dropkicked a steel chair into Drew McIntyre during a regular singles match. Yes, The Scot was holding the chair, but surely that should have been a DQ? Yes, we know, WWE wrote most of these rules and it applies them as and when it sees fit.

The Man Tracks Down The Facebreaker

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As expected, Nia Jax did not have the best night at TLC. The Facebreaker may have been confident in her abilities heading into the PPV, but it would have taken a brave person to bet against Ronda Rousey. Despite Jax throwing the champ around from time to time, Rousey ultimately prevailed. Even after Jax got backstage, her night went from bad to worse. Becky Lynch stated earlier in the evening that she would be delivering some receipts while Raw Superstars were in the same building as her. Clearly, that meant Jax, and The Man did exactly that.


Ronda Rousey Just Made A Big Mistake

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As TLC matches go, Sunday night's main event was pretty brutal. It was the first women's TLC match after all, plus was selected for the PPV's main event, so Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch knew they had to raise the stakes. We would not be surprised if one or more of the three left with legitimate injuries. The best thing about the match was its unpredictability. Any of the Superstars involved could have left with the title. It took an interfering Rousey to separate the three. The Raw Champion came to the ring and shoved over a ladder with Lynch and Flair on top of it. That opened the door for Asuka to win. Lynch and Flair didn't like Rousey before, now they will be out for her blood.


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