Hulk Hogan Throws Shade At WWE Roster Physique After Crown Jewel

Hulk Hogan was feeling quite confident after his return to the WWE at their Crown Jewel event.

The veteran star wasted little time finding something to criticize the entire roster for, claiming he's keen on losing weight after realizing he looks much better than all other WWE performers.

"Ok, today is a new day. After seeing myself on Crown Jewel I have decided to get serious and get under 300lbs," he tweeted on Monday. "I looked huge, swole, jacked and my arms are still bigger than most wrestlers legs. I don’t want to look like I can beat up the whole @WWE roster anymore. Only Love HH."

The light-hearted dig has drawn attention from Rusev, who responded to the tweet by challenging The Hulkster to a match at WrestleMania 35.

"I think you should start with me!!!" was the retort. "WM35 falls on #RusevDay."

Hogan seemed to accept the challenge quite readily.

"@RusevBUL You are no different than all the other giants that have tried but at least after I defeat you I will have a new manager brother Crushamania. HH," he replied.

A WrestleMania storyline for the 64-year-old seems unlikely at the moment. But a match with Rusev does seem like like it would make sense, albeit more for Rusev than for Hulk.

The Bulgarian has gained lots of traction this year and was even involved in a championship match with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. He has lost a bit of it since Aiden English's heel turn but he's certainly deserving of a WrestleMania bout and going one-on-one against a legend such as Hogan would probably do him the world of good.

It's all just Twitter beef for now, yet who knows? It could be a thing soon.


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