Hulk Hogan’s Hot Take About The Shield Will Leave Fans Wanting A Dream Match

Hulk Hogan was recently asked how the nWo in its prime would fare against The Shield and pulled no punches when giving his answer.

WWE recently released its own take on what it believes to be the top ten wrestling factions in the industry's history. Suffice to say it has caused a fair bit of controversy, not only among the fans but some wrestlers too. Controversially, a current faction in The Shield took the top spot ahead of the likes of The Four Horsemen and D-Generation X.

Those were the top three on the list and the iconic nWo came in at a lowly number four. It's hard to argue that Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall didn't have more influence on the business than any other faction in history. What's more, the original trio that started the nWo is back together for the first time since they reformed in WWE and will be staging a Q&A in Orlando next month.


TMZ Sports caught up with The Hulkster to ask him about the nWo's reunion and the recently reinstated WWE Hall Of Famer had a thing or two to say about The Shield. In fact, his exact words were "we would murder the bums, brother." That was in response to Hogan being asked who would come out on top in a battle between The Shield and the original nWo in its prime.

Hogan went on to reminisce about when he wrestled Roman Reigns' dad and also recalled holding The Big Dog in his arms when the Universal Champion was just a baby. "You've seen pictures of me holding Roman Reigns as a baby. We taught them almost everything we know," he told TMZ. Hogan may be well in to his 60s but it has certainly got us wondering how a dream match would go down.

It's fun to think about and if all six men were in their prime at the same time then a match between the two factions would have been an incredible spectacle. Nowadays it would be hard to make a matchup between them believable. That doesn't mean we won't see the two stables together in the ring in some way some time soon, especially with The Hulkster back in WWE's good graces.


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