Hulk Hogan Teases WWE Return With NWO

Hulk Hogan took to Twitter the morning after Money in The Bank and warned the WWE Universe he may show up with his crew in tow.

In a world of WWE where old faces seem to get the rub over new faces, and stars like Brock Lesnar can waltz into a pay-per-view, not wrestle a sole and leave with one of the company's biggest prizes, the return of Hulk Hogan and the NWO make total sense. Frankly, the WWE Universe is already having a field day tearing apart Vince McMahon for the decision to book Lesnar to win the Men's Ladder Match, so why not go all-in and bring Hogan and the NWO back too?

It would be a move harshly criticized by the WWE Universe if done.

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Hogan said, “Be careful, be very, very careful WWE Universe, you may never know when Hollywood will show up again with crew in tow, brother. HollyWoodHH 4 Life."

There was a time Hogan and the NWO were at the top of the wrestling business. That time has long since passed. That said, in the right way, a return of Hogan could be interesting.

What This Means

This could be Hogan just teasing something and trying to stay relevant. This could be a clue that maybe Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will be a one-time return deal for the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. For all we know, Hogan's tease could have something to do with the fact Mick Foley will be on Raw tonight and introducing a new title belt.

Whatever is going on, it's odd timing. WWE is scrambling trying to come up with ways to boost their ratings and holding talent-only meetings where they're talking about AEW. If the NWO returns and Hogan is a part of that idea, there's no clearer message that Vince McMahon is panicking.

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