Hulk Hogan To Sign Contract With WWE Everyone Thought He Already Had

Despite making an appearance at Crown Jewel, Hulk Hogan is not currently under contract with WWE. That is about to change.

No matter how badly a bridge is burned between WWE and one of its former Superstars, there is always a way back. That's right CM Punk fans, don't give up all hope just yet. In years gone by, there have been numerous stars we never thought we would see in WWE ever again. Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior are two standouts at the top of that list.

As you'll now know if you have been watching WWE for a while, both of those men returned to the fold. Warrior did so just days before he passed away. In 2015, WWE even cut all ties with its favorite son, Hulk Hogan. No man has put WWE on the map like The Hulkster. However, the deplorable things he was caught saying on tape were too much to sweep under the rug, even for WWE.


That was until some time had passed. After being deservedly pushed out into the cold by WWE in 2015, Hogan has now been welcomed back into the company. The Hall Of Famer appeared on-screen for WWE for the first time since his return at Crown Jewel. Since he made an appearance for the company, most likely assumed Hogan was once again under contract. That is not the case.

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The Crown Jewel appearance was just a one-time thing with a view to doing more in the future. Well, according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, that time is almost upon us. The long-time wrestling journalist has reported that Hogan is about to sign a new WWE contract, but he is not going to wrestle. There has been speculation that he may take up a General Manager role.

What exactly WWE has planned for Hogan once he is under contract is unclear. There are a few things we can expect, though. He might become a GM, but he will almost certainly play a part in WrestleMania 35 whether he is an authority figure or not. We will also see some sort of documentary on Hogan, maybe a WWE 24 special, on the Network sometime soon. That could be when we see his apology to the WWE locker room for the first time. 


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