Rumor: Hulk Hogan To Appear At WWE Extreme Rules 2018

Hulk Hogan's whereabouts this weekend coupled with his attempts to throw fans off the scent have people believing he could be at Extreme Rules tonight.

It has been three years since Hulk Hogan had a job with WWE. At that time, some footage of him saying some extremely offensive things about who his daughter can and can't date, in his eyes, leaked online. With that, the company cut all ties with The Hulkster and, up until recently, it was as if Hogan didn't even exist within the WWE Universe.

Ever so gradually, WWE has been weaning us back onto The Immortal One. The promotion has no qualms using him in video packages anymore and doesn't seem bothered about Superstars referencing him on television. Velveteen Dream came to the ring dressed in Hogan inspired gear at the last NXT TakeOver and as far as we know, no one backstage took issue with that.


What's more, since March of this year there have been reports that Hogan was in talks to return to WWE, perhaps in a backstage role. Well, whether it's backstage or not, that return could take place tonight at Extreme Rules. PWInsider has reported a number of instances that have been taking place over the weekend that all point to the fact we could see The Hulkster on WWE television this evening.

A number of fans tweeted photos of Hogan on a plane bound for Cleveland, just two hours away from Pittsburgh where the PPV is happening tonight. When questioned about it on social media, The Hulkster tweeted a photo claiming to be in his backyard. Clearly not true, and he has since been spotted at Cleveland airport along with his good friend Jimmy Hart.

On top of all that, PWInsider researched whether Hogan has any appearances scheduled in the Cleveland area this weekend. Apparently, he has no reason to be there in that regard. All of that evidence seems to point to The Immortal One being involved in Extreme Rules tonight. Not everybody wants to see the Hall Of Famer back in WWE, but tonight's PPV certainly needs something to spice it up.


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Rumor: Hulk Hogan To Appear At WWE Extreme Rules 2018