Velveteen Dream Clears Tweets After Taking Credit For Hulk Hogan Return

Hulk Hogan has been welcomed back into the WWE family and Velveteen Dream believes that it is down to him.

Three years ago, Hulk Hogan was effectively banished from WWE following on from some very offensive remarks he made regarding who he does and does not want his daughter dating. It was a firing at the time but now that The Hulkster has been welcomed back to WWE, the promotion has labeled it a suspension. On Sunday, Hogan was reinstated into WWE's Hall Of Fame and was backstage at Extreme Rules.

The Immortal One had been spotted on a plane heading for Cleveland earlier in the weekend, just two hours out from Pittsburgh where the PPV was taking place. With no other Hogan bookings in the area, the speculation that he was WWE-bound turned out to be true. WWE revealed on Twitter that the bridge between the two parties has been rebuilt and Hogan tweeted that he had been backstage chatting with various Superstars.


One Superstar Hogan would not have bumped into at Extreme Rules is Velveteen Dream. That's because the charismatic wrestler is still a member of the NXT roster. That didn't stop the egotistical Dream from taking credit for Hogan's WWE reinstatement. Dream tweeted "No Such Thing As Coincidence UR WELCOME TERRY," also tagging The Hulkster in the tweet.

What the NXT Superstar is referring to is his ode to Hogan at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. Dream came to the ring in gear that was clearly inspired by the reinstated Hall Of Famer. The Immortal One even offered to be Dream's manager after the fact, an offer that the young wrestler declined. Perhaps now that Hogan is back in the WWE fold, these two will clash or collaborate in some form or fashion.

Strangely, since that tweet yesterday, Dream has basically cleared out his entire Twitter account. The tweet aimed at The Hulkster has disappeared along with almost everything else he has ever tweeted, plus his profile picture is now blank. Perhaps WWE was not happy with Dream tweeting what he did about Hogan, or maybe the peculiar Twitter behavior is simply Dream being Dream.


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Velveteen Dream Clears Tweets After Taking Credit For Hulk Hogan Return