Hurricane Shares Hilarious Story Of Being In Charge Of A Jeff Hardy Cage Match

Shane Helms was once in charge of a Jeff Hardy cage match in Impact Wrestling and was told not to let him do anything crazy.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 is now in the rearview mirror and for the most part, it was a pretty entertaining PPV from the men and women of WWE. The night really got off to a great start as Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy kicked things off with a match inside the structure after which the show is named.

While Orton has been inside Hell In A Cell a number of times, it was Hardy's first foray into the infamous cage. Despite that fact, both men made the match what it was. Neither Superstar left the cell but that did not stop brutality from ensuing within the red mesh walls. The Viper's back had blood dripping down it after being whipped with a studded belt, and Hardy was swinging from the cell ceiling at one point.


It was actually that moment that led to Hardy losing the match. The Charismatic Enigma dropped from his lofty position onto a table where he had placed his opponent, but Orton had moved. The Apex Predator then ordered the referee to count the pin even though the cell was being raised so that EMTs could see to Hardy who was obviously not in the best shape, both as part of the angle and in reality.

Shane Helms, better known to most as The Hurricane in WWE, was once put in charge of Hardy for a cage match in Impact Wrestling. In the build to Hardy's HIAC match on Sunday, Helms shared a story about the cage match on Twitter. "While on headset, I’m told, 'You’ve got to keep Jeff from taking these crazy bumps.' I reply, 'I didn’t put him in this cage. Y’all did,' Helms tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

We dread to think what Hardy wanted to do inside HIAC on Sunday night because what he and Orton were allowed to do was brutal enough. We are surprised that he didn't deliver a Swanton Bomb from the top of the structure, but we're also thankful that he didn't. The one he delivered to the apron at SummerSlam was brutal enough. That off the top of the cell? No thanks.


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