Impact Management Opens Up About Meeting With WWE Executives

More details have been revealed about the nature of Impact Wrestling's meeting at WWE HQ a few weeks ago.

The world of professional wrestling continues to get smaller and smaller. We don't mean that in a bad way either. It's not that there is less wrestling. In fact, there is probably more choice now than there ever has been before. When we say the industry is getting smaller, we mean that more of its promotions are working together, regardless of stature or geographical location.

Take last month's All In, for example. The epic independent show featured wrestlers from a number of different promotions including Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, and New Japan. The same can be said of the Jericho Cruise that will be taking place later this month. So when is WWE going to start playing nice with its closest competitors?


Well, it already is. Impact executives Scott D’Amore and Ed Nordholm went to WWE's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut last month and it has been the talk of the industry ever since. Mainly because whatever was discussed in that meeting remains a secret. D'Amore has shed a little light on what was said when he appeared on the Wrestling Perspective podcast not too long ago.

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The bad news? The meeting was actually about nothing in particular. The good news, however, is that D'Amore believes it was yet another step towards a different era in professional wrestling. "I think WWE is seeing this is a different day with Impact Wrestling and maybe just on the most minute of levels maybe they’re seeing it’s a different day and age in wrestling," D'Amore told listeners of the Wrestling Perspective.

Of all the wrestling promotions that are currently working together, Impact appears to be the common denominator. Amazing to think considering the position that the company was in just a year or two ago. If you had asked fans back then what Impact's future held, most would have predicted it wouldn't be in existence by now. Instead, it is working with WWE and is currently in a better position now that it has been for a number of years.


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