Impact Wrestling Is Doing Reality Better Than WWE

There is currently more professional wrestling out there than there are hours in the day to watch it all. Even the most hardcore fans can't watch everything. From New Japan to WWE to Impact Wrestling to Ring Of Honor and that is really just the tip of the iceberg. If you claim wrestling is bad right now because you don't like what WWE is putting out there well, that likely means you haven't seen what else the industry has to offer.

Take the aforementioned Impact Wrestling, for instance. Fans prejudge the promotion more than any other. Impact was so bad not so long ago that it almost disappeared from existence. Now, it is back from the brink and putting on some of the best shows in years. Its TV ratings are about the only thing Impact doesn't have going for it right now, and that's only because of the hard-to-find channel it currently finds itself on. When it comes to talent and angles, on the other hand, Impact has it down. If you haven't given it a chance recently, you should really consider doing so.


For years, Impact made a series of little mistakes, but one big one. Its unspoken mantra was to be like WWE. That if it wanted to compete with the biggest show in town, they had to mimic it. Companies like New Japan have shown Impact that's not the best way to go about things. That there is no point competing with a company the size of WWE. The trick is to give fans something different. Either fans who want more wrestling but not the same stuff as they see on Raw, or those looking for an alternative to WWE. If fans are turning their backs on WWE, the last thing they want is an alternative that offers them more of the same.

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While the new regime at Impact has brought a new dawn and a better outlook to the promotion, a couple of its stars may have stumbled on something else that can further its plight. Strangely enough, it's something WWE loves to do but rarely does it well. Blur the line between what is real and what isn't. If you ask a great many fans, they'll tell you that's when pro wrestling is at its best. We live in an era where most fans know what we see in the ring and on TV is scripted, staged, and pre-determined. However, a wrestler and more importantly a promotion's goal should be to have viewers question that. To not know what was booked beforehand and what wasn't.

By now you have likely figured out that we are talking about the ongoing rivalry between John Morrison and Austin Aries. At the time of typing this, we still don't know what parts of it are real and which ones aren't. It started with a war of words between the pair on Twitter. Most of the tweets have since been deleted due to how controversial they were. Even that tiny detail could have been something that was planned but could also have been something Impact forced Aries to do after going too far. This past Saturday, the two of them engaged in a very real-looking brawl and the Impact Hall Of Fame ceremony. Not only that, but the language being used was very non-PG.

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Real or not, it all had to end in a match. A main event match for the Impact World Title at Bound For Glory this past Sunday. Morrison defeated A-Double for the title, and you'd have thought that would be the end of things, but no. Aries continued to add credence to the belief that the animosity between he and Morrison is very much for real. As soon as the bell rang he leaped to his feet and left the ring, despite being hit with his opponent's finisher just seconds earlier. As he did, he flipped off the crowd. Again, Impact's plan, or Aries acting out due to his dislike of Morrison?

Whether what has been happening between Morrison and Aries was all laid out or it has been unfolding naturally, it is proof that Impact currently has one up on WWE. Either Impact's writers or two of its tops stars can make fans question the reality of wrestling angles better than WWE currently can. If WWE was a little less stringent when it comes to scripting is performers, and its Superstars didn't break character on social media as often as they do, perhaps its own fans would be more inclined to believe that the animosity between its wrestlers was for real a little more often.

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