Jack Swagger Says He Agrees With Jon Moxley's Criticism Of WWE

Former WWE wrestler Jack Swagger says some of the criticism Jon Moxley has sent the promotion's way resonates with him.

Swagger was released from his WWE contract at his request in 2017 after an 11-year stint with the company and there's no love lost between the parties. The 37-year-old now plies his trade as an MMA fighter with Bellator and isn't doing badly there at all, having won both of his fights since joining.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc in a recent interview, Swagger discussed Moxley's comments regarding WWE since he left earlier this year. He claims not to have heard the criticism himself but saw headlines he didn't disagree with.

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“I didn’t hear the podcast but I saw a lot of headlines and from what I saw it does resonate," he explained.

"It’s one of those things when you have a big company, things get lost or wasted. Character-wise, all the time but nothing sexually like you’re making it sound [laughs]… Stuff like the 1000th episode of Raw and I got beat by Brodus Clay in six seconds. I literally took a turnbuckle and he covered me just because of time restraints. It was a big episode to be on but stuff like that and not having the amount of time to do anything.

"If you get time on TV, really the ball’s in your court and you can take it and make it for what it is. But you’ve gotta have time.”

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Asked if he would consider wrestling for AEW while still at Bellator, Swagger said that it's certainly something he can explore.

“That would definitely be a conversation to have," he replied. They’ve been very supportive of all my pro wrestling dates and they’ve encouraged it. You can see it helps to have a fighter with pro wrestling mic skills inside that cage because when fans start booing, you have to dish it right back at them.”

It's no surprise Swagger agrees with Mox, though. He didn't exactly leave WWE on good terms, so it really depends on who you are. The Rock will always describe WWE in glowing terms - Enzo, not so much.

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