Jack Swagger Pitched MMA Storyline To Vince Before Leaving WWE

Jack Swagger was recently a guest on Edge and Christian's podcast and said before leaving WWE he pitched an MMA storyline to Vince that was rejected.

For 10 years, Jack Swagger was a fixture in WWE. During that time he saw some incredible highs, but for most of it, he was an underused talent that wasn't often seen on main WWE programming. As a recent guest on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, he talked about many things including the mutual feeling between him and Vince McMahon that WWE was wasting his talents.

Vince approached him one day in the hallway and said he felt WWE wasn't using Swagger properly. Swagger agreed to come back to WWE with some ideas and pitched the storyline that he would leave WWE for a bit, go test his luck in MMA and come back to WWE, Vince upset that he ditched WWE for mixed martial arts. The two would have a feud but McMahon wasn't at all interested in the idea.

Swagger said, "And after that, not with him, but with everyone else, the communication really broke down, so I was like, 'okay, it's time to go.'" Swagger added, "and so [MMA] was on my mind. I wanted to do [MMA] then."

Understandably, on both sides, this wasn't a deal that worked. Swagger wanted to be used more often and thought he had a good idea. On the other hand, McMahon is not the type of character you just throw on WWE programming unless it's involved in a huge angle. Swagger didn't really fit the bill.

What This Means

For now, Swagger says he'll continue to wrestle and do MMA and one never knows if he and the WWE will cross paths again.

If he continues to win — Bellator will be announcing his next MMA fight soon — he may up his marketability to WWE. For WWE, if Swagger becomes the next popular MMA star, he'll be a whole lot less expensive than a guy like Brock Lesnar who is rumored to be making more than $12 million per year as a part-time performer in WWE. Vince certainly wouldn't mind getting involved with Swagger at that point.

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