Jalen Ramsey Wants New Contract From Jaguars As Trade Rumors Swirl

The Jacksonville Jaguars are wrapping up one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history - one that was filled with Super Bowl championship hopes and high playoff expectations.

But the Jaguars sit at a putrid 4-9 and have already been eliminated from contention, and it's almost time for the organization to shift its focus towards next year. And for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, that means earning a new contract as trade rumors continue to swirl around him.

"Like I said, I'm going to let my agent and the front office handle that, but after what came out here, what was it five weeks ago or however many weeks ago it was, yeah I'm feeling like yeah, if y'all serious about that [a potential trade] not being real, then y'all need to make it happen," Ramsey said, ESPN.com's Mike DiRocco. "If not, then maybe what came out five weeks ago will happen. We'll see."

Per DiRocco, Ramsey will make $3.6 million next season as his rookie contract runs up. It'd also be a surprise if they didn't pick up his fifth year option for 2020, where they can keep him under contract at a team-friendly price.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported in November that the the Jaguars were open to the idea of trading Ramsey, but the team released a statement and said there was "no truth" to the rumor.


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The Jaguars have invested most of their money and draft picks on the defensive side of the ball. It was the best unit in the AFC last season, and it's been a stingy unit in 2019 as well. Ramsey is a central piece of the defense and is only 24 years of age, so it'd be a shock if the Jaguars weren't willing to give him the well-deserved extension.

What This Means

Ramsey's made it clear he wants to stay in Jacksonville, so the only way he leaves is if the front office wants to trade him. But All-Pro caliber cornerbacks don't come around often, and Ramsey is just in the early stages of his prime years.

The Jaguars would have a tough time finding equal value in a trade for Ramsey, and there's no reason to believe a trade is going to happen. Rather, the only question right now is if Ramsey will get extended in the offseason - or if the Jaguars will want to hold off on negotiations.


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