Jarvis Landry Wants To Recruit Le'Veon Bell & Antonio Brown To Cleveland

Cleveland Browns receiver, Jarvis Landry, is attempting to take advantage of the drama surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers by trying to recruit Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell to the Browns.

The 26-year-old sent out a tweet that was intended to infer that he wanted to have a chat with the All-Stars, to try and convince them to play for the Browns. With Bell currently a free agent, and Brown's latest example of hinting at that he would want a trade out of Pittsburgh.

That gave Landry the idea of trying his hand at getting both to join him in Cleveland. Brown's displeasure with the Steelers began way back with the start of the whole Bell hold-out saga.


Brown wasn't shy from sharing with the media about his support for Bell when he began his holdout. Which started a rift between him and his teammates, especially their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Then there was all the drama with the Steelers final game of the regular season. Brown refused to practice before their game after the seven-time Pro Bowler had a heated argument with Roethlisberger.

Brown then also didn't play in the Steelers final game of the regular season, showing further that his time with the team could be over with. Multiple reports have since come out about Brown asking to be traded before next season.

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This is also not the first time that Landry has attempted to recruit an All-Star player to his team before. Just last off-season, Landry was attempting to convince Odell Beckham to join him.

The Browns are unlikely to acquire Bell due to already having a very effective running back in Nick Chubb. But, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to attempt to trade for Brown.

Having both Brown and Landry would give Browns' quarterback, Baker Mayfield, two great weapons to rely on next season. Whether or not Landry's tactics will work or not, one thing is for sure, Brown is looking for a new team to play for heading into next season. So pairing with Landry wouldn't be the worst option for him.

What This Means

Landry is doing all he can to try and capitalize on the Steelers drama, that has been going on all season long. Even though it's very unlikely that the Browns will offer Bell a contract when they have Chubb who can produce similar numbers and be paid a lot less money.

However, it's more likely that they would be able to acquire Brown from the Steelers and pair him next to Landry. The Browns receiver will surely be doing everything he can to get both All-Stars in Browns uniforms for next season.


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