JBL Calls Out Cody Rhodes On Twitter In Strange Rant

Cody Rhodes is a pretty hard guy to dislike in the wrestling business at the moment, but it seems as if he has at least one enemy in JBL.

Cody Rhodes is doing a lot of good for wrestling right now. He, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and a few more of his close friends all are. Ever since he parted ways with WWE less than three years ago, Rhodes had big dreams of what he might achieve. Even he couldn't have predicted how far he has come.

From winning two World Titles to putting together one of the biggest and best independent wrestling shows in history, Rhodes and the rest of The Elite really are changing the business. They're showing no signs of slowing down either. Rumor has it that come 2019, the group will be forming its very own wrestling promotion. That news hasn't been confirmed, but at this point, it seems extremely likely.


No matter how much good you do, however, you can't please all of the people all of the time. It seems that someone who is not a fan of what Rhodes is doing right now is JBL. The former WWE Champion celebrated his birthday on Thursday by watching his beloved Dallas Cowboys pick up a win over the New Orleans Saints. However, he also threw some shade at Rhodes while doing so.

JBL posted a series of tweets on Thursday night about the Cowboys, but many of them also featured threats and insults aimed at Rhodes. One where JBL claimed he could easily beat the IWGP US Champion just like he could have beaten his dad, and another calling Rhodes an afterthought. If he was trying to get the young wrestlers attention, mission accomplished. Rhodes simply tweeted "I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight..."

Baffling to say the least since as far as we can tell, Rhodes has done nothing to warrant this reaction from JBL. The former SmackDown announcer has returned to Twitter since and explained himself, sort of. JBL claims that a mix of it being his birthday, the Cowboys beating the Saints, and too much alcohol caused him to take a joke too far. Okay JBL, if you say so. It was still an incredibly strange thing to do.


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