Jerry Lawler Blames ‘PC’ WWE For Not Being On TV Anymore

Jerry Lawler believes that he is no longer on WWE television because of how politically correct the company is today.

There are a large chunk of wrestling fans out there who long for a second Attitude Era. The glory days of WWE during the latter half of the 1990s when anarchy ruled and it was pretty much anything goes. While that was a great time to be a wrestling fan, it has to be said that many people look back on that time through rose-tinted glasses.

On top of that, it would be impossible for WWE to create a television appropriate product akin to the Attitude Era that would fly today. The blood, the language, the way the company treated women. It has no place in today's industry and if you do want to relive it then it is all still available on the WWE Network.


Today's product is much more PG, however, veteran wrestler and announcer Jerry Lawler believes a better way to describe it would be PC. Lawler taped a live episode of Dinner With The King during All In weekend during which he described current day WWE as being "politically correct to a fault." King is of the belief that WWE's current PC stance is the reason why he isn't on the company's shows any longer.

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"That is probably the reason I’m not on TV anymore and I mean that seriously because they [WWE] went so politically correct," Lawler explained to the live audience and those listening to his podcast. King told a story about how he used his catchphrase "puppies" during Raw's 25th-anniversary broadcast and immediately heard Vince McMahon say "let’s stay away from that tonight" down the headset.

Lawler also spoke about the women's revolution currently going on in WWE, citing that as the reason why Mr. McMahon doesn't want him saying the word puppies on air. Apparently, he and other announcers were told that they can no longer use words like beautiful or sexy to describe female wrestlers, and should instead use words like strong and powerful. King has still been featured on kickoff shows but perhaps these latest comments will see him demoted even further in WWE.


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