Former ECW & ROH Champion Jerry Lynn Has Been Signed By AEW

Jeremy Lynn has signed on with AEW, according to an announcement from the new promotion welcoming the former ECW Champion and Ring of Honor World Champion as their newest big name.

The company tweeted as much on Wednesday night, revealing that the respected veteran is joining as a coach. Lynn, in turn, responded to the tweet, by claiming he's "privileged to be a part of AEW".

Lynn, who has 30 years of experience in the wrestling business, has completed stints with well-nigh all major major promotions in the United States, including WCW, WWE and TNA. He has also worked for several companies outside of the US.

The 55-year-old is quite decorated, having won over a dozen major titles, inclusive of the ones mentioned above.  He also won the NWA Tag Team Championship with WWE superstar AJ Styles during the early TNA days. He's also renowned for his famous feud with Rob Van Dam back in the 90s.

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Lynn is the first person to officially sign for AEW as a coach although there are other personalities such as Christopher Daniels, Keith Mitchell, Billy Gun and BJ Whitmer currently employed as producers who could function as coaches as well.

Meanwhile, it's being reported that a deal between AEW and TNT is "virtually done", with a weekly show set to air on the popular American channel starting this fall. President Tony Khan and other AEW heads are expected to make the announcement at WarnerMedia Upfronts at Madison Square Garden in New York next Wednesday.

Cody Rhodes has said that whatever is going to be announced will be "massive" but claims that the company will be calculated in rolling out their announcements.

"I don't want to discourage any future partners. I can say that people have been really calculated about how we roll out announcements. We want to be proper. We can't just stand on the podium in Jacksonville and say, 'Hey, here's the entire business model, here's all of our plans, here's x-amount of money.' We can't do that. I know the business of the business is very entertaining but I think if people put their trust in us like they have, we won't let them down."

What This Means

As it pertains to Lynn, the new promotion has actually done well to secure the services of such a respected and possibly underrated wrestling personality.

His presence there could also mean a ring appearance every now and then, but we'll see.

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