WWE Adds Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart Collection To The Network

WWE has added a collection to the WWE Network of some of the best matches and moments from Jim Neidhart's career.

Earlier this week, the wrestling world unexpectedly lost the much beloved Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. The former Tag Team Champion passed away at the age of just 63 and tributes have been pouring in ever since the news broke. Ronda Rousey opened Raw this past Monday by letting her good friend, and Neidhart's daughter, Natalya know that everyone is thinking about her, and The Revival used the Hart Attack during their match.

There was, of course, a video package put together by WWE which was shown on Raw despite Neidhart passing away just hours prior to the show. One thing you can't criticize the company for is its ability to put something good together at very short notice. Not only did they assemble a video package, but there is now a Neidhart-themed collection to enjoy on the WWE Network.


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For younger fans, the newly added collection is the perfect way to discover exactly how entertaining Neidhart was, both as a tag team star and a singles competitor. The former is what The Anvil is best known for though, of course, and that's where the first years of the collection focus in on. His pairing with Bret Hart as The Hart Foundation, taking on iconic teams such as The Rockers and arch-rivals The British Bulldogs.

As the collection moves into the 1990s, it begins to feature matches where Neidhart teamed with Owen Hart rather than Bret. There's even a match where those two take on The Hitman and British Bulldog. What many fans might not know is that Anvil actually competed in ECW and you can check out a bout he had with The Sandman that he had all the way back in 1993.

Perhaps the best item in the collection for those of you that aren't familiar enough with the late Jim Neidhart is the documentary that is featured right at the very end. Hart And Soul: The Hart Family explains the entire history of one of wrestling's most iconic families and that, of course, includes Neidhart. Whether you have seen it all before or want to experience Neidhart's career for the first time, the entire collection is definitely worth your time.


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