Jim Ross Says AEW Won't Be Able To Compete With WWE Anytime Soon

All Elite Wrestling senior advisor and commentator Jim Ross doesn't think his new employers can catch up to his old ones anytime soon.

Ross left WWE earlier this year and is now settling into his new role with AEW. But despite all of the rave reviews and positive feedback from fans, he doesn't see Tony Khan's company as competition for Vince McMahon's, at least not yet.

"I get a kick out of these armchair analysts saying AEW is going to be competition, are you kidding me?" he said on The Steve Austin Show (h/t Wrestling Inc). "Maybe someday, but WWE has such a long head start ahead of everybody, they have the global footprint, they are a publicly traded company, they got money, nobody is going to catch WWE and it shouldn't be anybody's goal, it sure in the hell isn't mine."

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Although he doesn't see AEW competing with WWE, JR doesn't doubt the new company could bring fans who have stopped watching wrestling back. He also made it known that the Khans have the money to make the company a mainstay, contrary to what some people might think.

"Social media is going to be a big part of what we do," he continued. "That's the great thing about the Young Bucks, they have a great social media following, they sell a lot of merchandise.

"They remind me of you [Austin] because they are very ambitious. They are always coming up with different designs. It is going to take time; you hear the Khan family doesn't have the money to see this thing out. Trust me, they have the money to carry it out. Now, whether they get into this and two years out they are bleeding money, they may make a business decision. I do know they are in it for the long haul, the foundation is there."

Whether or not AEW's going to be able to compete with WWE or affect them is left to time to reveal. But one thing's for sure, they've gotten off to a great start and their success or failure now depends on how they handle things going forward.

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