Jim Ross Says CM Punk Wasn't Treated Fairly By WWE

Jim Ross has accused WWE of not treating CM Punk fairly.

Ross discussed the former WWE star on his latest Grilling JR podcast, revealing that some WWE officials felt that Punk was high maintenance and he made the cut list on several occasions.

Punk came to WWE as his own man with his own name and his own brand and JR reckons that WWE higher-ups weren't totally on board as they had nothing to do with the creation of his character.

“Yeah, absolutely," he said after being asked if WWE wanted to let Punk go at certain points (h/t 411Mania). "Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. He was a - I don’t really want to - Really, in the practical application in this matter, Punk was never really treated overly fair just as the personal interaction of a talent."

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JR credits the WWE Universe for making Punk a valuable asset WWE could not afford to cut.

"He was not outgoing. He was certainly not an ass-kisser, and if you’re not a sycophant sometimes, and that’s the only thing that’s making you stand out and ingratiate yourself to all the decision-makers, you can find yourself being dealt a tough hand," he continued.

"But as he became more valuable as a commodity, and I can tell you this, the fans did that. The wrestling fans themselves started buying into Punk’s persona. They started buying into his act, if you will, his presentation. And they loved what he brought to the table because he was so different and so unique.

"And it was very, very obvious that CM Punk was not a creation of the office.”

Ross says Punk was not a bad guy, claiming the former WWE star was quiet and introverted. His lifestyle was certainly an intriguing one but people at the top weren't high on it.

"I don’t think that he was embraced because of who he was, how he looked, his lifestyle," JR added. "All those things, for some reason, just didn’t appease or appeal to some of the higher-ups as you mentioned. And it’s unfortunate because he was really never a bad guy.”

What Might The Future Hold For Punk?

There were reports that Punk's agent was in talks with FS1 over the possibility of him hosting a WWE show. It is also reported that he's not particularly keen and that his agent is the one pushing for it.

As for him getting back in the ring, AEW has made no secret over wanting him to join and maybe he will.

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